Best Computer Security Softwares 2016 – 2017

List of Best Computer Security Softwares- The Top 10 AntiVirus Software 2016‎ Going To 2017

With the onslaught of computer viruses and internet trolls, computer security has started to become somewhat of a major concern in the developing times of  our vastly technology infested world. Users of computers and specifically users of the Internet have reported having to deal with annoyances the likes of spamming, trolling, hacking, phishing, etc., on a regular basis. Not only individual users of computers and devices of the like but users of the systems placed in networking positions too have reported of having to deal with the same kind of irritable balderdash. As a result people have come to the obvious conclusion that computer security is not only a major concern but a mandatory one – without the advantage of which all of their information saved on their computer systems is put instantly at risk. Read more on Computer Virus, Worm, and Trojan Horse. Three Different Problems

It is for the compensation of this dilemma that computer security softwares have been around for quite some time and it is for the purpose of dealing with this kind of dilemma that computer security softwares have been profusely in use for as long as they have existed. Time and again people have wondered, “What is a computer security software?” To answer this, computer security software’s sole job is to protect your electronic devices from unauthorized use. It is for the purpose of the security and safeguarding of your information that is stored either in hard drives or in soft drives that computer security softwares function. Their main task is ensuring information security on your computer systems. An “antivirus” software for instance is the more well-known jargon for what is usually a computer security software, and antiviruses have been in use for a long time. The Avira antivirus software for example is one of the most well-known and one of the most widely used computer security softwares used around the world, used for the sole purpose of defending one’s computer system against unwanted foreign access and against unauthorized use. Various other computer security softwares like the Avira antivirus have been used by pc users for the purpose of total protection and enhanced system performance since a computer security software at best boosts your system’s overall performance by protecting it against unsanctioned use. As of today and has been stated, having a computer security software is not merely important, but significantly necessary for better performance results of your computer systems. And in the advancing times of today it is not so difficult to uphold your computer security, pc software free downloads can be done from various reliable websites on the Internet. A variety of best free pc security softwares can be found on the internet and most of these security softwares are subject to to free downloads.

What Is Computer Security?

Before one launches on to an understanding of why computer security softwares are so necessary to have downloaded, it is imperative that one understand what exactly is meant by the term “computer security.” It is also important to know what exactly the computer security risks involved in the matter are – risks like the infamous computer virus. The existence and exuberant use of computers in the world only go on to testify the existence in excess of computer security vulnerabilities and computer security risks. Even though the most commonly known computer security risk is the computer virus, there is much more to the term than most people tend to understand.  There to start with, computer security is a relatively lesser known term in the layman’s universe – perhaps more commonly known and understood terms are cyber security and IT security: which are in fact different terms for the same thing. Computer security is for the sake of safeguarding the computer system from the various computer security vulnerabilities that could potentially inflict harm on to the computer hardware, to the information saved within, to the software, and for ensuring that the computer systems continue to provide performance that is not disrupted by any obstacles, such as computer virus. A computer system is not an impregnable device, no matter how deftly and how heftily you aim to personalize it. It is always open to attacks and threats from the outside world, and it therefore becomes a necessity to safeguard your device against the glaring threat of potential foreign intrusion. The CVE database has documented almost all sorts of vulnerabilities that a computer system is subject to from the outside world. These various computer security risks and vulnerabilities are inclusive of but not limited to DoS attacks, Direct Access attacks, spoofing, tampering, phishing, clickjacking, and much more.

In this day and time there can be absolutely nobody who has not at some point in his life fallen victim to one of the many computer security vulnerabilities aforementioned. Many internet users have reported of being common preys to clickjacking, for example – clickjacking happens when the unsuspecting victim is tricked into clicking on a link that he otherwise does not want to do. This could be done by various tricky methods – such as disguising the phony link as something else or using opaque screens or flashing bars. Users have also reported of having been robbed of their useful personal information by such misleading websites and links – they are, for instance, tricked into the illusion of typing out their passwords onto authentic-looking websites but which really are phony websites designed specifically for the purpose of stealing other people’s confidential information. Phony Facebook websites are among some of the most widely reported clickjacking devices used by cyber criminals to get to this purpose. Other such computer security risks have been the talk of the cyber town for as long as the web has existed, and have become more than a mere nuisance: for when you lose your password you are at the risk of losing quite a horde of your useful information through the loss. Computer security softwares prevent the hijacking of your confidential information in such manners and block the access of phony and fishy websites and links from getting to your computer systems. These security softwares can either be bought from your local software/hardware store or these security softwares can be easily downloaded on your computers from the internet, they are available by and large and can be located through a simple Google search. Avira and Avast are among some of the world’s top pc protection softwares and can be located easily in both the market place and on the internet.

It might be that some readers are thinking, “What is the need of a computer security software when we already have built in firewalls?” While it is true that most electronic devices of today – from computers to laptops to even smartphones and tablets – come with built in firewalls, it is still true that they are nowhere near safe despite the existence of the firewall. An electronic device is still subject to security vulnerabilities and it would be beyond unwise to leave a device so laden with confidential information so defenseless and so vulnerable especially when there is a variety of best free pc security softwares on the internet waiting for you to download them. Computer security is crucial for the functioning of our technical worlds since our technical worlds constitute such a major part of our lives – most of our information is saved not in black and white as of today, but inside hard drives and soft drives both of which are liable to fall prey to computer security vulnerabilities. However this is not a cancerous problem that cannot be taken to task accordingly – there is a plethora of top pc protection softwares that can be gotten hold of easily and which will help you in adding a protective layer to your precious information and data that you would not want falling into the wrong hands.

Best Ways to Protect your Computers: Here is the list of the Best Computer Security Softwares in 2016 and are believed to continue outperforming the market in 2017

Contrary to what might seem the easiest way out, shutting off your cyber excursions on a level of totality is not the only way to counter the problem of computer security risks and threats that your system might be liable to. Computer security risks can be extremely daunting and awfully vexing, but not entirely impossible to take care of either. Especially since the fact that there are loads of the best kinds of computer security softwares for free available in bulk online and in stores. Most of these are already a huge name in the community of tech gurus and of people who have been acquainted with the cyber world for a long time. Some of these very best free computer security softwares are Avira, Avast, AVG, Panda Free Antivirus, Bitefender Antivirus, Comodo Antivirus, Sophore, and a good deal more. All of the computer security softwares mentioned here and more of the softwares like them that are available counter threats with mastery and can be claimed as the very best free protection for your pc that you can get your hands on. Downloading/uploading these softwares or others like these is apt to render you some of the best free computer security that you can avail out there.

Know that the protection of your computer system and affiliated devices is a responsibility unto you and a duty unto your sacred information that should not enter into anybody’s hands but yours and yours alone. Any threat, vulnerability, or risk to your computer system should be dealt with beforehand – that is, not only should such a threat be countered accordingly but the possibility of such a threat existing in the first place should be eliminated or the likelihood of such risks be reduced to a bare minimum by the employment of some of the top pc protection softwares that are accessible worldwide. If a cyber-attack that has criminal connotations cannot be completely prevented then it definitely can be minimized in terms of damage, and many of the very best free pc security softwares can be accessed easily by you for the fulfillment of this task. Even if you happen to be a tad late in discovering the assault of such a threat to your computer system, you should apply a countermeasure to the threat as soon as the discovery of its presence is made. For this purpose of computer and information security, try pc software free downloads that are not difficult to get by. You can also try other methods of computer security such as User Account Access Controls, Cryptography, Intrusion Detection Systems, Formal Verifications, Two Factor Authentications, Trusted Platform Modules, USB dongles, Secure Coding, and other such methods of computer security that can be accessed for free and that can be accessed quite easily.

Of course no degree of protective measures can ever be enough, not where information that is pointedly confidential is concerned. It is therefore the best recourse to resort to a computer security software and build protective walls around your computer systems that will give even the best cyber criminals a good run for their money.

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