CEH Salary Overview In 2017 – How Much an Ethical Hacker Earns?

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Recent incidents of effective hacking attempts on several retail and banking sites have been the cause of ethical hacking emerging as a top critical issue in the protection of company information. Now that hackers have become much more aggressive, as well as being exceedingly smarter, practically every industry has a demand for ethical hackers that has become very high. And, in most cases, they are employed by high-profile R&D labs and government agencies for preventing the unauthorized access to information that is highly sensitive. The issue now is that just about every worldwide organization has started employing some form of ethical hacking for keeping company information completely confidential. These organizations include real estate, e-commerce, healthcare, transport, coordination, hospitality, and everything in-between.

CEH Salary Ranges

A CEH averages an annual base pay in the amount of $71,331. Annual CEH salaries range between $24,760 and $111,502 plus a bonus of up to $17,500 per year. With the max bonus, a CEH salary could be as high as $132,322. [1] According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, NYC is currently paying the highest CEH  salary, averaging at $117,900. Salaries in CA are the next highest, followed by MA and DC. [2] Read: Ethical Hacker Jobs: How to Get a Job as an Ethical Hacker

Global Knowledge & Tech Republic released their IT ceh Salary Report, showing that a compilation of responses more than 9.500 IT professionals from a variety of professionals involved in their survey compared their salaries. The fact is that CEH professionals were at the high end of the comparison. Other IT professionals, whose pay came even close to what CEH professionals, were making included Networking professionals at $75,666, Web Development professionals at $81,405, Servers and Storage professionals at $83,284, Systems Analysis professionals at about $85,234, and Data Centre Administrators at $90,261. [3]

The $71,1331 average salary for a Certified Ethical Hackers, that salary is dependent upon an ethical hacker’s location and experience in the field. Some common official positions utilizing ethical hacker skills include Application Security Manager, Information Security Consultant, IT Security Administrator, Network Security Analyst, Penetration Tester, Security Compliance engineer. This list is simply a good starting point, not exhaustive research. [5]

Based on Global Knowledge and Penton’s 2014 IT Skills & Salary Survey, CEH salary is ranked among the 15 certifications that pay the most and in fact ranks #9. In addition, most surveys, reports, and trends are predicting a CEH salary increase that will be exponentially based upon hackers becoming much more aggressive, thus increasing the need for penetration tester services for countering those tactics and ensuring company network safety.

Choosing a Candidate- The CEH Course

Due to the inherent nature of the position, as well as the expertise requirements, ethical hackers are generally high-paid employees that have immediate access to the majority of a company’s sensitive data. That is the reason any potential employee has to have an exceptionally high skill set to enable him or her to achieve a CEH position. In addition, the potential employee must face a specific selection criterion that is quite challenging. Read: Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH) and Salary in 2016

Moving Forward with CEH Certification

CEH positions can be both interesting and challenging, as well as high-paying. This prompts many professionals to start considering CEH as an excellent career move. If you are someone who thinks outside the box, loves security, and who has a keen eye for problem-solving, then CEH certification could be a superior way for you to get ahead in your career. So, if you have an interest in getting start with your CEH certification, then just fill out the form below for receiving a syllabus, as well as pricing info for our CEH course, which is award-winning.


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