Cyber warfare: Germany Reveals Cyber Security Strategy

How seriously Are Government Agencies Taking the Threat of Cyber Warfare?

In 2013, the German Intelligence Agency known as the BND let it out that it was looking for hackers for the sake of “cyber defense.” As is the case in most defense cases, offense is almost always part of the package. The German Agency might have been looking otherwise for hackers but the message was not lost on keen ears: Germany was training for cyber warfare, as was every other nation in the world. Perhaps the best evidence for this would the NATO run annually conducted cyber defense war-game called the Locked Shields. The Locked Shields are run by the think tank CCD COE affiliated with NATO – otherwise known as Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence. Having started somewhere in 2010, the game aims at training hackers and other tech gurus to protect complex systems from foreign probing hands. Locked Shields participants gather around, team up, and gear up to deal with attacks and how to retaliate in such situations – and while this might on the surface level seem a very innocent game played between a few enthusiastic teams, it is a lot more than that. It might point towards what many analysts have been suspecting for a long time now: that government agencies are now actively engaged in training hackers and the like for a proper, full-scale cyber warfare.

At its most important and at its most basic, Locked Shields is training its participants how to deal with the reality of cyber-attacks – not only how to protect a system while the attacks are in full swing but also how to keep them running, even if by fits and starts, at the same time as when they are under attack. If such a team for cyber defense should be on board and on such large a scale, it only makes sense that another team would be on board soon enough in time for the management of cyber security (offense). Whether or not that happens, what is clear is the fact that government agencies are taking the threat of cyber warfare seriously enough to set up bodies like Locked Shields. This only goes on to prove that government agencies have accepted that cyber warfare is a grave reality and that they should aim at training young participants in the defense of such might imply that they have passively been wanting to train for cyber offense on the side – for a protective defense measure is a nonentity as long as it is not accorded by an equally destructive offense measure.

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